Are you?

Surrounded by clutter? Drowning in paper?

Confused about where to begin or how to get started?

Strapped for time and never seem to get to your projects?

At peace in your home?

Doubtful that your space will ever match your vision?

I Am:

Nonjudgmental and a supportive decision-making partner.

A fresh set of eyes. I know where to start and how to keep moving.

Able to priortize and see the big picture.

Dedicated to creating systems that work for you.

Committed to your long-term success!

I Can Help You With:


Moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I help you make decisions so you keep what you use and love and get rid of what you don’t.


I’ll support you in making decisions about items you could donate, sell, or give away.


I can help you organize every room and space in your home.

Life Change

Sometimes a life change is planned, but often, life hands us the unexpected.  When you need help with your transition, I am here.

Paper Management

Filing is about retrieval, not storage! I’ll work with you to set up a system that organizes your papers and keep them that way.

Ongoing Support

Maintenance is the key to your success. Your projects were not created overnight, and establishing new habits takes time. I am here to support you every step of the way.

You will reach your goals and maybe even have fun doing it.

Need help getting started?

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