Sandy Spatz

Sandy Spatz

We spend our lives acquiring and accumulating, then one day, we turn around and we feel suffocated by those very same things. It often feels like we live in a disposable society; if it breaks, replace it. If there’s a better one, buy it and throw the old one away. Granted, there are many opportunities to reuse and recycle, but what if we didn’t have so much to recycle from the start?

I believe that organization can be learned and it can be fun.  My motto has become “don’t let organizing scare you.” They’re just things, meant to be enjoyed and appreciated and make our lives easier and perhaps more efficient. But at the end of the day, we need to be able to catch our breath, find our car keys, and feel at peace in our own homes.

My passion for organization has led me to chair fundraisers, plan events, help friends move and set up their new homes. Quite a few years ago, a friend suggested that I turn my skills and passion into a business. She said, “You see through all the clutter to what it can be.” What a lovely compliment. So I followed her suggestion, started a business, and have been helping people organize ever since.

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