The Process

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We meet and discuss your project(s)

What’s working, what isn’t working. What is your wish.

Sandy Spatz_Website-05We dive in

I like you to see and feel a change; that something has been accomplished right away. This is one of the reasons I love this work-it’s tangible and satisfying.

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I go home to evaluate and create a more detailed plan

I find it enormously helpful to step away from the task at hand, think about it, and brainstorm solutions that will work best for you and how you live.

We meet again and continue with our plan

There is a lot of “we” in my work. It has to work for you and your life so we work together. “Things” come up, we address them and move on. Doing the work provides motivation to maintain it. I love team sports!

We complete the project

Different time frames for different projects, but it will happen!  

Maintenance is the key to your success

Your projects were not created overnight and adjusting to new systems and establishing new habits takes time. I can check in with you monthly in a variety of ways and help you stay on track and tweak your new systems and spaces.

“The point is to help you live better in your space”

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