We work as a team.

I’ll support you in making decisions about items you could donate, sell, or give away.

I’ll help you arrange for pickup of larger items.

I’ll supply resources regarding electronics recycling and shredding services.

Your home should be your sanctuary. 


Moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I help you make decisions so you keep what you use and love and get rid of what you don’t. There is no reason to pay someone to move items you don’t use.

One of my favorite projects is setting up a new home! I unpack all your boxes, organize and set up systems and get you on the right foot, right from the start. Our work can include everything from setting up your kitchen and pantry to putting away clothes, shoes and linens and setting up playrooms and unpacking books. 

Virtual Organizing

If you feel ready to tackle your projects on your own I can be your virutal assistant. We take a “tour” of your project(s) using Skype, Facetime, various apps or photos and I create an action plan for you. We can check in along the way and make adjustments as needed.


I can help you organize every space and room in your home and office. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Together, we can solve your storage challenges.  Lets get your kitchen, cabinets, and pantry working more efficiently for you. How about setting up functional closets, dressers, linen storage, home office, bathrooms, basements, craft areas, playrooms—you name it. More flow and less stress is my goal.

Life Change

Sometimes a life change is planned, but often, life hands us the unexpected.  When you are ready to transition, I am here. If you have suffered a loss or are recovering from an illness, I can help.  

Paper Management

Filing is about retrieval, not storage! I’ll work with you to set up a system that organizes papers the minute they enter your home or office and advise you about what papers you actually need to keep. I will also help you create a filing system that is easy to use and makes sense to you.

Ongoing Consultation

Maintenance is the key to your success. Your projects were not created overnight and establishing new habits takes time. Be kind to yourself and understand that there may be some backsliding. I can help you stay on track. Make a commitment to yourself, and honor what you have achieved.

Aging Friends and Family Members

It is vital that our aging parents, friends and family members feel safe and comfortable in their homes. Setting up their space so that they can navigate easily, reach what they need and stay safe is essential for their peace of mind and yours. Equally important is insuring that in case of an emergency, professionals are able to quickly and easily get to your loved one.

Let me help you live and work with ease.

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