I contacted Sandy of Step-by-Step-by-Sandy to declutter and organize my home office. My files were full and I just couldn’t get to the task of going through them. It seemed that taking care of my clients’ needs always seemed to take precedent.

Sandy accommodated my schedule and cheerfully coached me through the process of getting rid of unnecessary paperwork. She gave me a simple solution for handling papers as they came in and reorganizing my filing system. Now I happily work in my home office, with space around me for things that I want in my life.

Thank you Sandy and Step-by-Step-By-Sandy.

Maggie F.

When we implemented Sandy’s solutions in my kitchen, pantry, and linen closet. I found her to be practical and logical. She didn’t tell me to go out and buy a lot of expensive containers; for the most part, we used what I had. In one morning, we had my spare room, which had been a catch-all for three months, unpacked and ready for guests. I had a lot of “aha” moments with Sandy. She was also delicate when it came to parting with objects. She didn’t judge me or my house. I would highly recommend Sandy.

Diane G.


Sandy’s skills in organizing go well beyond the “stuff” that is in your home…for she has a wonderful style to help you see what might be getting in your way. She offers clear, practical solutions to dealing with the clutter, but also is adept at making you want to think about why that clutter is there and how to get rid of it, not only in the moment, but in the future as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sandy to anyone I know. Her unique perspective and wonderful persona makes her a great person for the job!

Amy A.


Sandy’s big-picture approach to organizing allowed me to recognize how I could create a more viable workplace. Her direct style is supportive, approachable, and respectful. The prime proof that her methods are successful is that three months later, her changes are still in place and I actually know where everything is!

Avram E.

Gallery Owner

Sandy has the incredible gift of knowing how to organize things in a way that not only makes sense, but looks terrific. She always has no-nonsense, practical reasons for her suggestions, plus she makes organizing fun and painless. She was an enormous help during my recent move. Sandy plays well with others and is always willing to help those with weaker, less-than-perfect organizational skills without poking fun at them or making faces behind their backs. 😉

Kristie B.


Best money we ever spent as a small business! Hank and I own a home repair and furniture design company. We had a storefront that had become a bone yard of outdated equipment, old cabinets, and material. When I outgrew the office in our home, it was time to move into the storefront. Sandy helped us navigate the process of seeing the potential for this underutilized space. She did such an amazing job that we not only cleared out the store front but also cleaned out a rented storage space. The savings from the storage space alone made it worth the fee, but if you check out our website (newdoorllc.com/studio-ev…) you can see the beautiful studio space, and the events we began having after our work with Sandy. Since our first big project, we’ve hired Sandy for smaller issues and had the same great results. Our next big project? Sandy will be our first call when we’re empty nesters.

Mary P.

Home Repair and Furniture Design

Sandy Spatz of Step-by-Step by Sandy is a straight-up miracle worker. I first used her services shortly after I moved my acupuncture practice into a storefront in Edgewater. It was much more space than I was used to and I wanted to get it organized before it got out of control. Sandy came in and we finished everything on my wish list in under an hour! I was blown away.

Then the real test came. My partner and I moved into our new apartment last July, but have yet to be fully settled. When we rang in the new year, almost six months later, there were still boxes and piles of stuff that we hadn’t unpacked or put away. It had reached a critical level, so I convinced my partner to let me call in Sandy. I honestly cannot believe how much we got done. She helped us organize our pantry, the second bedroom, and some of our kitchen in about two hours. She even helped us move bookcases! Half an hour in, I looked at my partner and said, “Oh, my gosh, we’ve gotten more done in 30 minutes than we have in the past 5 months.”

Part of why Sandy is so good at what she does is that she’s gentle and understanding but also firm. I never felt pressured by her; in fact, it was quite the opposite. I felt empowered. She was making changes that had previously had me frozen with overwhelm. Letting someone into your space can be terrifying, especially if it’s messy or disorganized. I never once felt judged by Sandy, even though there were many half-empty, unlabeled jars of fermentation experiments and we unearthed many piles of pet hair. She just kept doing her thing, organizing, decluttering, and being absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a little more order in their lives. I can’t wait to have her come back to tackle more projects!

Kristl Y.